Large portion sizes & unique takes on traditional diner fare

  • Our food ain't pretty but neither are we. We aim to fill yer belly with whole meals in Montana sized portions. Eat your food - don't take pictures and let it get cold.
  • We don't make eggs to order - we serve 'em scrambled or fried and usually inside of a Messy Cheesy Scramble or Handheld Breakfast Sandwich. Why do we do it this way? It's because we aren't like everyone else.
  • Come on in. Order at the Counter. Grab your flatware and drinks. We'll bring it to your table and clean up after you leave. Hold your pinkies out during high tea with the queen - we use coffee cups here.
  • Simple, quick, tasty, delicious, and affordable. That's the Outlaw Way.



noun out·​law  


1: a person excluded from the benefit or protection of the law
2a: a lawless person or a fugitive from the law

b: a person or organization under a ban or restriction

c: one that is unconventional or rebellious
3: an animal (such as a horse) that is wild and unmanageable